Eight Tips For Maintaining a Stunning Hotel Facade This Season

The winter months may be approaching, but your hotel's facade doesn't have to turn grey with the oncoming weather. 

The exterior of your building is every guest's first impression of your facility, so securing a professional appeal and safe environment is especially crucial before the damaging winter months hit. 

Be sure you've handled these key details to restore your property and impress any guest this season:

  • Examine the foundation, masonry, concrete, and stairs for signs of water damage or deterioration to maintain structural integrity.
  • Check for any needed repairs or touch-ups around the doors, windows, patios, and coverings, and conduct a routine roof inspection if you have not done so this season.
  • Review the condition of the driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks for signs of depreciation and any needed repairs. 
  • Tend to your landscaping by caring for your lawn and cleaning up flowerbeds and gutters.
  • Check the functionality of lighting and electrical systems, and winterize lawn features and grounds equipment.
  • Cut back tree branches that are hanging too close to your facility or electrical wires.
  • Pressure wash your building and balconies, and rejuvenate your property with a fresh coat of paint if needed.
  • Clear away debris from driveways, paths, and entranceways, paying close attention to safety and curb appeal.

President of Southwest Companies Michael Tomasone asserts that large structural repairs can cost four times as much as routine maintenance. By taking care of these components now, you will provide your guests with an exemplary experience upon arrival, and save time and money by avoiding large repairs later. 

Contact Southwest Companies to discuss multi-phase maintenance opportunities and ongoing preservation sessions.