How To Avoid Common Interior Painting Mistakes

Painting your building's interior requires basic knowledge and genuine dedication.

Protect your time and investments, achieve a quality outcome, and avoid setbacks by following these essentials. 

Crucial Preparation

  • Don't resort to cheap brushes and rollers. Quality, lasting materials will save you even more money by providing cleaner, efficient coverage.
  • Consider your building when selecting paint, as high traffic areas will require a finish that is easier to clean.
  • Don't neglect boxing, mixing multiple cans of paint together to prevent color variations from appearing on walls.
  • Repair damaged areas and confirm patched spots are dry before applying paint to ensure smooth coverage.
  • Use hot water and soap on tough grime, and dry dust the rest of the surface to avoid unnecessary imperfections.

Fundamental Tips for Success

  • Don't underestimate the importance of primer, which hides previous colors and aesthetic flaws for a smooth, quality coat.
  • Paint methodically, starting from the top and working your way down to take care of uneven paint and dripping.
  • Only immerse your brush up to a third of the way in, or else you will create a mess of wasted paint by allowing it to harden deep within the bristles.
  • Work in small sections so that the paint stays fresh where you are working to achieve an even blend.
  • Don't neglect important cleaning, rendering your materials unusable fast. Always wash brushes and rollers and wrap them in plastic wrap when you finish for the day.

Countless homeowners dodge appropriate material selection and proper technique in at attempt to save funds and effort. However, disregarding the basics frequently leads to substandard results that will need repainted much sooner.

To ensure your building maintains its high standard of quality from the start, enjoy professional results by consulting the experts at Southwest Companies.