Why Now is the Best Time to Paint Your Property

If you've noticed your building could use a new and improved look, experts say the temperate climate of springtime in Ohio is ideal for a successful paint job.

Here's why Spring is the best time for commercial painting:

  • Temperatures that are too high causes paint to dry too quickly, while temperatures that are too low create cracking. 
  • Paint must also only be applied to dry surfaces, and should be allowed sufficient time to dry afterwards, as moisture from snow, rain, or an excess of humidity from the summertime could ruin your finish. 
  • The lesser likelihood of high winds that would otherwise kick up dust and other debris to stick to your new coat of paint.

Exterior Painting

In addition to environmental benefits, Spring can also be the most convenient season to paint. Giving your building the fresh look it needs early gives you more time to complete other projects this year, and will also ensure an inviting and complete look for your building before busy summer schedules and events take off.

Interior Painting

As far as painting the interior, appropriate months are more flexible. However, indoor temperatures should still be moderate so that humidity and condensation cannot affect your drying times. Many people choose to thoroughly clean their homes in the Spring, leaving the walls freshly washed and ready for painting. The warmer months also allow you to open windows for ventilation, and to retreat outdoors and out of the way of the project going on inside.

The spring season will not only provide ideal conditions for both exterior and interior paint jobs, but it will also be the most convenient time to have your project completed.

Southwest Companies, Inc. specializes in commercial painting and interior painting projects, as well as coating and maintenance to satisfy all of your building's needs this season.