Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof With These Must-Read Maintenance Tips

Regular preventative maintenance is crucial for ensuring you are getting the longest life out of your commercial roof.

To save yourself from a significant hassle and money down the road, refer to these tips regularly to guarantee your roof remains in the best condition possible:

  • Remove debris, which can hold in moisture and cause your roof to wear down faster.
  • Check gutters and drains for any clogs. Pour water down them to test that they're open and clean.
  • Look for signs of depreciation, including lamination blisters or peeling, any holes, or separation at any seams or edges.
  • Make sure caulking and sealant remain intact, and promptly seal any gaps as needed.
  • Repair and clean your roof accessories to maintain energy efficiency and long-lasting equipment.
  • Keep neighboring trees trimmed to prevent the branches from scratching and excess debris from accumulating.
  • Have an inspection done twice a year, preferably before and after the most severe weather season in your area (winter for northern climates, summer for warmer ones). This will allow you to prepare for the extreme conditions, and then repair any damage if needed. Regular inspections will also confirm you maintain your warranty, as most become void without routine maintenance. 
  • Every few years, have a moisture survey done for you roof as well, and as needed if you notice any potential issues.
  • Inspect past repairs to make sure they remain unharmed from wear and tear.

Remember that extreme weather conditions, rooftop traffic, previous issues, and aging all contribute to the depreciation of your roof. Conduct these routine scans for any arising issues and take care of repairs immediately to save you from prematurely replacing your roof.

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