Secrets to Achieving a Professional Paint Job

There are many factors that go into making sure your property has an inviting appeal.

The quality of your interior paint job can make all the difference, but how do you take your walls from worn to exceptional? These tips will help you achieve that fresh and professional look you need.

Preparing to Paint:

  1. Mix multiple cans of paint together before you begin in a process called "boxing." This eliminates any color variations between the cans that would have otherwise been obvious on your walls.
  2. Gather all of the materials you will need before you begin. This includes a roller, tray, brushes, blue painter's tape, and damp cloths to remove mistakes that are caught immediately. Remember to wash your roller covers before starting to remove any extra lint or residue. 

Getting Started:

  1. Remove everything from your walls and window fixtures, including switch plates, and cover your floor and furniture with drop cloths.
  2. Wrap doorknobs and other hardware in foil to protect them from paint. 
  3. Clean any heavy grime or grease with hot water and soap, otherwise just dry dusting with a cloth is recommended to avoid streaks or lint.
  4. You can choose to spackle and caulk any holes or cracks, and then sand smooth once dry.
  5. Whether to roll the walls or take care of the trim first is up to the painter. However, most prefer to "cut in" around the trim first. Working in small sections, paint about an inch wide border around corners, windows, etc. so that the paint is still fresh when you are ready for the roller.


Extra tips:

  1. If you are using oil-based paint, keep it away from any heat, sparks, flames, even smoking, and turn off any heat sources in the area like stoves or appliances. Make sure to ventilate by opening windows or a door.
  2. While some people prefer to tape windows, scraping afterwards with a razor blade is often quicker and more effective.
  3. Brushes can be temporarily placed in foil or plastic bags if you are taking a short break.