Winterizing Your Building: The Need for Painting and Sealing

If your commercial building still needs winterized this year, early autumn is the perfect time to prepare for the oncoming cold season. 

Cooler temperatures, generally below 40-50 degrees, as well as any severe fluctuations in temperature can destroy a paint job. Paint also only sets well under dry conditions, so moisture from the summer's humidity, springtime rain, and winter snow could also damage the surface.

When it comes to painting, a good coat of primer, followed by any necessary sanding and your chosen colored paint, is the most basic course of action. There is also the option of buying a combined paint and primer product, which may save you money in the long run with less coats of paint. 

To seal your building from the elements of winter, be sure to follow these guidelines as well:

  • Seal any gaps or cracks around windows and doors with an approved spray foam insulation. You may also want to apply appropriate caulking around the frames, and weatherstripping if needed.
  • Check any piping that runs through exterior walls, and seal any gaps.
  • Inspect electrical outlets, foundations, attics, and basements, as these are common culprits.
  • Check all around the building for anywhere else that might need sealed off due to air leaks.

Sealing and painting will not only guarantee your building looks more appealing, but it will save you money by improving your energy efficiency. It will also increase the building's dependability, preventing moisture from creeping in and causing damage. 

Be sure to schedule your appointment now to ensure your building is protected, maintained, and presentable through the winter months. 

Southwest Companies, Inc. is preparing Key Bank in Shaker for the Cleveland Winter.