Four Hotel Design Trends for a Sophisticated, Inviting Appeal

First impressions are imperative in the hospitality industry, so you want to make investments that will attract guests while offering lasting functionality.

Southwest Companies has performed interior and exterior painting and restoration work for numerous hotels including, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, and Double Tree. Most recently we painted the Marriott sign in Warrensville Heights (photo above).

  1. Paint - Applying fresh paint is the perfect way to rejuvenate your hotel and impress clients with a unique spin on current trends. Whether travelers are seeking relaxing, intimate accommodations, or a stunning atmosphere, you can create their dream escape by choosing the right color combinations for your space.
  2. Color - This year, designers are using as much color as possible, and focusing on layering for a textured look to cultivate the mood of their patrons. Soft, cool hues like deep blues and greens will create a formal or comfortable ambiance. Warm, intense tones, especially with contrasting hues, creates a space begging for activity and vibrant social interactions.
  3. Color Relationships - Blending monochromatic hues is another trend blasting through conventional methods. Try using a variety of shades in the same color group for accent walls, popping trim, or contrasting with different finishes all within one space. Remember to consider lighting as well, as natural light is best for bringing out the truest neutral tones, while fluorescent and incandescent lights are ideal for bold, bright accents. 
  4. Finishes and Materials - In particular, metal finishes such as silver, copper, and gold are being layered this season for a sophisticated yet casual look. Make a modern statement your clients won't forget with bold shades of blue like denim, indigo, navy, and even as dramatic as black. Incorporating themes is also flourishing, especially when bringing natural element colors like wood, water, and lush greenery indoors.

Making a lasting impression for your guests is crucial for the success of your hotel.

Rather than dealing with the preparation, potential aesthetic flaws, and making time in your busy schedule for extensive interior painting, contact the experts at Southwest Companies, Inc. for your new, contemporary style.