Pressure Washing Works!

Amazing transformation underway at the Heritage Park office complex in Broadview Heights.

Pressure washers can do wonders for dust, grime, and stains on your surface.

However, they can be complicated and dangerous when not used properly. To utilize your pressure washer efficiently and safely, be sure to follow the tips below.

Before You Begin

  • Only use as much pressure as you need, or else you risk injury or damage to your property.
  • Choose an appropriate, and pressure washer approved, cleaning solution. Chemicals such as chlorine or bleach will increase effectiveness, but can be harmful to you and your property.
  • Presoak your surface to make washing quicker and easier. If you use a detergent, rinse any chemicals before they begin to dry.
  • Cover foliage, or soak it with water to help protect it from chemicals.
  • Follow all necessary safety precautions [link to previous post here] before proceeding.

Using Your Pressure Washer

  • Check that the safety latch is on, and that no people or vulnerable objects will be in the way.
  • The pressure begins to build once the washer is turned on, so be ready to begin right away.
  • Spray from the bottom up when applying cleaning solution, then rinse from top to bottom.
  • Move the stream in a constant sweeping motion. Leaving the spray on one area too long could damage the surface.
  • Allow the cleaning solution to work for a few minutes, but rinse the surface before it begins to dry.
  • Apply a sealer after the surface has completely dried, or stains like oil or rust will be impossible to remove later.

Remember that anything beyond basic washing should be handled by professionals, especially if the job is more than one story or involves the roof.

Be sure to schedule your fall appointment now, while the temperatures are ideal and contractors are available to rejuvenate your property.