Prevent Interior Painting Mishaps with Top Tricks from the Professionals

Many property owners and maintenance staff will dive into painting their building's interior too hastily, hoping to save time, efforts, and especially money on routine improvements.

However, proper preparations and quality products will provide the expert results you need to impress your guests and maintain a professional atmosphere.

Follow these tips to ensure you are avoiding the most common painting errors and achieving the outcome you desire:

  • Prepare the room by covering your floor and furnishings with a tarp or drop cloth.
  • Gather all of the materials you will need in advance, such as a damp cloth to grab in the case of a spill or drip.
  • Thoroughly wash your roller covers to prevent lint and other residue from getting in the paint.
  • For a cleaner look, be sure to remove any extra fixtures on the walls and windows, including switch plates.
  • Prepare to scrape your windows after painting, rather than taping them in advance, for quicker removal.
  • Lightly sand away any uneven areas, rinse with clean water, and allow to dry before beginning,
  • Paint with your brush or roller until it becomes dry, rather than dipping too frequently and matting  paint down inside the bristles or roller.
  • Exhale while painting detailed areas rather than inhaling, steadying your hand as much as possible.
  • Create airflow in the room by opening doors and windows for your own safety and the good of the paint.
  • Cover leftover paint with plastic wrap directly on the paint itself before resealing the can to extend its life for future touch-ups.

When tackling your building's interior paint job, taking the time to ensure expert results is a must for creating impressive, professional relationships with your guests and clients.

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