Professional Tricks and Winter Trends for Solid Interior Painting

While many clients, residents, and guests seek shelter this season, your building's interior should thrive through the increase in traffic and critical first impressions that follow.

The most fundamental gift you can give your building this winter is a restorative paint job. Knowing the proper style and preparations will help radiate a warmth that will attract your guests through the coming seasons.


  • Use quality materials from the beginning to guarantee lasting results and prevent costly revisions later.
  • Save money with efficient energy usage and smooth coverage by weatherproofing, sanding, washing, and priming your surface.
  • Remove wall fixtures and accessories, covering the rest of the room with a tarp and opening windows for airflow.
  • Remember to box your paint by mixing multiple cans to ensure colors are blended evenly on every wall.


  • Select the proper finish for your expected traffic, and consider the color palette of existing furnishings.
  • Create an atmosphere that will evoke the appropriate mood, choosing warmer tones for stimulation and cooler hues for comfort.
  • Layer varying textures, nature-inspired details, and monochromatic colors for a versatile yet easily-trendy style.
  • Experiment with deep, bold shades, unusual neutrals, and metal accents that cultivate a casual feel with undeniable sophistication.


  • Paint in small sections from the top down to prevent dripping and ensure easy blending.
  • Only immerse a third of your brush and refrain from excessive re-dipping to avoid messy oversaturation.
  • At the end of the day, immediately wash all materials, wrap them in plastic wrap, and cover paint cans to maintain usability.

Professional interior paint begins with the right preparations and knowledgeable technique. Guarantee attractive results that last by contacting Southwest Companies for a free, comprehensive estimate and more information today.