Preparing your Cleveland Property for a Safe and Prosperous RNC Week

The buzz around Cleveland hosting this year's Republican National Convention has grown into a full roar as the long-anticipated week is now just a few months away.

From July 18-21, our city can expect to house up to 50,000 visitors, 15,000 of which will be media personnel alone. Downtown Cleveland properties especially are turning the city upside down with impressive renovations to prepare for the significant boom in exposure and the projected $200 million in spending the event will incur.

The massive influx also makes safety a major priority, as Cleveland was even granted $50 million in federal funds for additional law-enforcement alone. 

What You Can Do to Prepare Your Property

  • Confirm you are up-to-date on building inspections to guarantee the safety of guests.
  • Ensure all entrances, walkways, and stairways are clear of hazards and are aesthetically appealing.
  • Plan for additional help to accommodate the additional business, and brief the staff on proper safety and emergency procedures.
  • Apply sufficient security measures to protect your property and investments during the bustling week.
  • Enhance your facade, landscaping, and interior to create a visibly exceptional welcome.
  • Stay on top of normal operations to make sure daily affairs run smoothly.

Considering the various needs of the business professionals, notable politicians, visitors, and volunteers will ensure you stand out in the city's spotlight. Guarantee you meet expert standards and avoid setbacks that could summon national attention by restoring your property before the convention hits Cleveland. Southwest Companies offers timely, professional results for roofing, painting, repaving, pressure washing, and more to ensure you're ready for your moment.

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