All Eyes on Cleveland: Your Last Chance for Rejuvenation Before the RNC Hits Town

After the Cavaliers' championship turned Cleveland into a place of celebration, and with the Republican National Convention now knocking on our doorstep, there has never been a more crucial time to give your building the upgrade it deserves. 

The emerging summer weather is already enough to call for seasonal property restorations; add in the recent jam-packed action in the Cleveland area, and natural deterioration and troublesome damage can take a noticeably harsh toll on your building and common areas. 

With the awe-inspiring crowds so many downtown businesses experienced this past month, there is an even greater need for skilled cleanup and revitalization before the RNC delegates, and increased exposure, arrive here at home.

Not limited to the streets of downtown, organizations outside of the city limits have received an equal share in the spotlight, and will continue to do so as government officials and media personnel congregate at local hotels, restaurants, shops, and attractions throughout the duration of their stay. 

Between pressure washing your building, scheduling inspections, replenishing entrances and interiors, conducting routine maintenance, and handling emergency repairs and other essential needs, ensuring the safety and curb appeal of your property and preventing embarrassing setbacks will make all the difference for your business.

To guarantee those last-minute rehabilitations are handled promptly and professionally, make sure to call Southwest Companies for your last chance to secure a fantastic first impression when the crowds flood back into our city July 18. 

After the hype has ceased, don't forget to give us a call to help with the ultimate restoration of your property, servicing your needs to keep your business shining like never before.