Has Your Roof Waited Long Enough for a Proper Inspection?

Experienced property managers know the value of updated inspections, especially when it comes to the price tag a neglected roof could incur. 

By having your roof evaluated every year, preferably at least twice, you can avoid unexpected, irreparable damage, save significant funding, and create a safe environment for your guests. 

Many factors play a part in the demand for regular, thorough inspections, and we can witness this need in Cleveland now more than ever:

  • Protect your building's interior and overall integrity from the invading elements, harmful heat, and moisture of the summer season.
  • Examine problem areas or potential weak spots left over from previous repairs, a former owner, or the harshness of winter.
  • Avoid obstacles in the near future, such as leaking, damaged shingles, or cracked flashing, as Ohio's climate inevitably fluctuates.
  • Prepare for the Republican National Convention by handling any safety or unsightly issues before they cause a problem in the spotlight.
  • Prevent serious concerns as temperatures drop in the fall and winter and the weather begins to wreak havoc once again. 

If you know it's been too long since your last roof evaluation, then you owe it to your building to investigate any potential problem areas and take care of simple repairs rather than enduring costly replacements later. In addition, a professional contractor can also aid in the prevention of other roofing hazards, such as overgrown tree limbs, excessive debris, clogged gutters, and insufficient ventilation. 

Ensure a longer life for your roof, and your budget, by CONTACTING Southwest Companies today for a FREE evaluation and estimate. We offer a variety of roofing and coating options, emergency or scheduled repairs, and preventative maintenance services to identify vulnerabilities and prevent long-term degradation, guaranteed.