Maintain Your Industrial Tanks on a Professional Level with Southwest's Restoration Strategy

Industrial tanks are a hefty investment, making proper maintenance and restoration crucial for their longevity.

A long lifespan can only be achieved with appropriate yearly maintenance and inspection practices in place.
— Eric Mikals

Eric Mikals, Sales and Project Manager for Southwest Companies, stresses the importance of regular care and record keeping to save your company time, effort, and a substantial price tag down the road. 

"The longevity of the life of the tank is achieved by proper yearly maintenance and documenting the history of what upkeep has been performed throughout the years, what paint products and what thickness has been applied to the tank, etc." Eric says. 

Failing to care for your tanks and their upkeep usually means a full, and costly, removal and replacement of your equipment, as holes and other areas of deterioration do not leave much room for repair. To prevent them from breaking down, tanks can be inspected as often as monthly, and will require a professional inspection from a qualified engineer at least every few years. 

In the meantime, Eric tells us that "Rusty areas can be overcoated until damage exceeds to a professional level," giving property managers and owners a way to ensure their tanks stay in top shape between inspections and professional restorations. 

The experienced team at Southwest Companies restores tanks used for chlorine, gas, air, food, and many other substances, and have worked with known businesses such as the Wooster Water Treatment PlantAirgas, Inc., and Miceli's Dairy

Managing your rehabilitation and aesthetic needs for your industrial tanks will ensure you can take pride in your appearance and continue operating with quality equipment. 

Contact Southwest companies to learn more about restoration services and take advantage of a free restoration estimate today.