Pressure Wash Your Property Before the Cold Cements Your Stains

Between warm-weather gatherings, harsh temperatures, and impressive storms, your building sure took a beating this summer.

Despite regular maintenance and upgrades, undesirable, messy film continues to cake itself onto your surfaces, and this will only worsen with the harsh winter ahead. 

Pressure washing your structure can work miracles, tackling the dust, grime, and even stains that are stuck to your property. However, washers pack a punch up to 50 times more powerful than a garden hose, and can easily cause damage.

There are many safety procedures to consider for a pressure-washing session:

  • Choose an appropriate pressure washer and cleaning solution, and never use more pressure than necessary.
  • Cover foliage and other features, or soak with water before, during, and after to prevent chemical damage.
  • Pack on protective layers, such as goggles, gloves, and boots, and presoak your surface for ease of cleaning. 
  • Secure the washer's components to prevent projectile pieces, and be sure to check the safety latch.
  • Scan for people or features in the way of the stream, watch out for wind, and prepare for immediate pressure.
  • Spray with cleaner far enough away from the surface and avoid spraying upward, taking the stream from the bottom up and keeping an eye on the nozzle at all times.
  • Move in a constant sweeping motion, avoiding doors, windows, vents, and other areas susceptible to damage.
  • After a few minutes, rinse from the top down before the cleaner begins to dry, and apply a sealer to help remove stains later.

Fall weather is ideal for pressure washing, but it can be complicated and dangerous without proper experience, especially for buildings with multiple stories. 

For fast, efficient pressure washing that will keep you and your property safe, contact the professionals at Southwest Companies and schedule your rejuvenation today.