Cold In Cleveland: Save Your Roof's Integrity This Season, Before It's Too Late

If you've been ignoring your roof and hoping that all is well, your property may be in for an expensive surprise come winter.

Dreading imminent repairs and seasonal damage can make it all too easy to turn away from your aging roof. However, temperatures are already dropping, and the oncoming snow and freezing rain will only catapult minor repairs into major replacements if left unchecked.

The sooner an issue is located, the easier it can be fixed, and that means less overall budgeting for roofing maintenance.
— Michael Tomasone, President

Because your roof plays such a crucial role in the strength and stability of your building, experts recommend scheduling an inspection at least annually to investigate potential issues, identify weak spots, and prevent long-term degradation. 

Securing proper repairs and preventative maintenance now will counter unexpected, irreparable damage once snow starts to fall and weigh down your structure with heavy moisture.

"The sooner an issue is located, the easier it can be fixed, and that means less overall budgeting for roofing maintenance," says Michael Tomasone, President of Southwest Companies.

Beyond the necessity of prompt repairs alone, autumn is an ideal time for professional evaluations. Your building has already endured summer's elements, such as searing heat, powerful storms, and excessive weight from branches and debris. The approaching season will destroy the thread your shingles are hanging by without a second thought if best practices are not in place.

If your roof is in need of a thorough evaluation, repairing pressing issues and establishing solutions will guarantee a dependable roof through the coming seasons. Whether you require quick improvements, or a full rehabilitation, we offer emergency, scheduled, and preventative services that will ensure your roof lasts as long as it should.

Maintaining the integrity of your building is critical for the safety and comfort of your guests. Contact Southwest Companies today for a free, quality roof evaluation and estimate, and know your building is in experienced hands.