Wave Farewell to Winter with These 8 Steps to Spring Maintenance

With the frigid temperatures behind us, it's time to say goodbye to grime and give new life to your property.

Safety and appeal are crucial concerns for any building owner, manager, or maintenance team. The more care you put into preventative practices, the fewer costly surprises and demanding repairs will throw a wrench in your busy schedule.

With the elements of winter comes an excess of dirt, germs, and moisture, meaning a higher dose of allergens, mildew, and damage left unchecked. 

Use this core Spring Maintenance Checklist to give your building the deep clean it needs this season:


  1. Investigate plumbing, water heaters, windows, and other problem areas for any leaks.
  2. Check fire extinguishers, smoke and CO detectors, emergency fixtures, and electrical systems to guarantee safety.
  3. Confirm the functionality of all windows, doors, light switches, and other building components.
  4. Sanitize sinks, counters, floors, and other surfaces, and create a cleaning schedule for common areas.
  5. Examine and update your heating/cooling system for harm-free operation, efficient energy, and improved air quality.


  1. Inspect the gutters, roof, ventilation, insulation, and foundation for damage and any needed repairs.
  2. Pressure wash or secure a fresh coat of paint and sealant for protection and appeal.
  3. Take care of the landscape for a welcoming first impression, including tree and foliage care, pest control, and dependable walkways and recreation areas.

Developing a routine maintenance program will allow you to handle inspections and repairs in phases, a proactive approach that keeps your property trustworthy and impressive year-round. In addition to these essential practices, learning small steps toward overall sustainability will significantly improve your energy costs year-round. 

Contact Southwest Companies for additional maintenance tips, and be sure to schedule a free estimate for a rejuvenated property this season.