What's Up with Your Roof? Post-Winter Weaknesses and Summer Transformations

The cold season may be behind us, but is your roof still bracing against the harm it left behind?

Even in the most mild winters, our climate still falls victim to the destructive freeze-thaw cycle. Fluctuating temperatures and moisture, whether snow or rain, wreak havoc inside your roof, making your unchecked building just one harsh season from significant repairs.

Have you noticed any of these telltale signs of winter roof damage?

  • Curling, buckling, shifting, or missing shingles
  • Cracked flashing or other materials that have expanded, contracted, or begun to split
  • Leaking or rotting, especially in the attic under roof valleys and around skylights
  • Mold growth on the attic ceiling or insulation 
  • Light shining through to the interior
  • Damaged gutters from storms or fluctuating conditions
  • Animals who have found their way inside
  • Bouncy or spongy give to the roof indicating hidden moisture

Because of the price tag on roofing materials, repairs, and replacements, experts strongly recommend letting annual inspections speak for themselves, taking care of basic wear-and-tear without waiting for surprise damage to surface.

Upgrading your roof gives your property solid longevity, as well as a modern, appealing look. At Southwest Companies, we offer free on-site estimates and flexible services that can be completed in phases. Now that the season of pleasant weather is ahead of us, there's no better time to secure your inspection and explore your options for roofing projects. 

Whether you are looking for quick improvements or a full makeover, make sure you take care of the roof over your head in the coming seasons by contacting Southwest Companies today.