Asphalt and Concrete and Cracking (Oh My!) Complete Contracting to Save Your Surfaces

Between the freeze-thaw cycle splitting through your foundation and the elements pouring down on your driveway, winter in the Midwest is no friend to concrete and asphalt.

On top of seasonal stress, if you've already witnessed some cracking and expanding, your surfaces could be in desperate need of repair with every fluctuating temperature.

We've seen too many responsible building managers and owners leave crucial property components unchecked, hoping to save time and money for their space. However, your foundation, walkways, driveways, curbs, and other areas susceptible to breaking down are too essential to the stability of your structure to put off. Minor improvements will inevitably escalate to troublesome repairs, and even full replacements if too much damage has incurred, leaving you with an expensive and potentially hazardous situation on your hands. 

Your surfaces often show signs of deterioration, but these can mean big trouble is already taking place behind the scenes:

  • Asphalt will exhibit cracking, wrinkling, ruts, potholes, standing water, oil spots, or fading color.
  • Concrete will show shifting, settling, sinking, protruding, or cracking.

Winter's frost and ice, spring's heavy rains and wind, and the summer's blazing heat will speed up degradation, as well as excessive weight from vehicles, pressure from tree roots, and insufficient soil below the surface, among other factors.

Whether you are looking for skilled installation, timely repairs, or preventative maintenance techniques, our experienced team can revitalize brick, stone, and concrete units, as well as asphalt application, resurfacing, and sealcoating, and including work with sewers and drains. 

At Southwest Companies, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and are prepared to handle all of your commercial and industrial asphalt, cement, and concrete needs. 

Contact our team today and we'll provide a free on-site estimate, making the longevity and appeal of your establishment our top priority and giving you peace of mind about your property's foundation, and finances, throughout the coming seasons.