Warm-Weather Guidelines for Safe Construction Zones

With an increase in construction during the warmer months, you'll need to know guidelines for keeping your property safe for visitors, residents, and staff.

After decades of experienced contracting work, we've seen what can happen when occupants are unaware of the risks around them. 

Read up on the common difficulties and best practices below to ensure your space will remain safe this season.

1. Obstacles and Debris

  • Watch for overhead work and uneven foundations that might lead to fallen and scattered debris
  • Be aware of preexisting issues that might lead to hidden deterioration and damage

2. Cluttered Pathways

  • Designate clear pathways, entrances, and other high traffic areas, power washing if necessary
  • Watch for overgrown landscaping, damaged sidewalks, and other components that might present a hazard

3. Harsh Weather

  • Be aware of oncoming storms and other aggressive weather
  • Make safety guidelines known to guests in the event of a tornado, flood, or other extreme conditions
  • Watch for illness during harsh heat, especially in those not acclimated to the weather

4. Insect Care

  • Secure routine pest control to avoid allergic reactions and distractions in a construction zone
  • Have bug spray and other deterrents handy

Between the bustle of activity, workers, weather, and other obstacles, knowing basic precautions and hazards can help prevent common incidents during these busy months. 

For more information on best practices and information on warm-weather projects, contact the team at Southwest Companies today.