The Tower Press Building, a Century at the Forefront

In 1907, the Tower Press Building was designed and built on Superior Avenue as a state-of-the-art facility for the revolutionary H. Black & Company.

After upgrading from the Warehouse District, the corporation became a national leader in the garment industry, bringing other notable clothing manufacturers to the neighborhood. 

After labor strikes and the Great Depression hit, the Tower Press building was taken over by various tenants until finally closing its doors in 1987. It remained abandoned until its 2002 remodel, an earlier renovation of Cleveland's reawakening. Occupying the entire city block, the historic structure is now grounded by 8,000 square feet of retail and office space, including art galleries, a cafe, a patio and grill, and year-round events. 

Cleveland's first "live work loft" space is uniquely home to The Tower Press Group, a community of local artists who aim to boost talent and resources in the community. Embracing creative inspiration, sixteen loft apartments, with a five-story unit occupying the tower, boast high ceilings, exposed brick, original windows, and industrial details, showing off both its historic roots and modern features.