Restore Your Surfaces for Lasting Appeal and Integrity

Winter's frigid conditions are finally behind us, but damage from heavy ice, fluctuating temperatures, and other harsh elements may still be breaking down your property's surfaces. 

Not only can the sun's rays beat down on asphalt, concrete, and other materials, but extra weight from vehicles, pressure from expanding tree roots, and an increase in traffic can all contribute to failing, unsightly infrastructure.

Have you seen signs that your surfaces may already be in need of maintenance?

  • cracking, wrinkling, shifting

  • settling, sinking, protruding

  • ruts, potholes, standing water

  • oil spots, fading color

Replacing your pavement and other solid surfaces can be expensive, messy, and even hazardous depending on the damage. If you've already seen your concrete or asphalt show symptoms of wear and tear, then much bigger problems could be progressing underneath, and can worsen with every shift in temperature. 

Now in the midst of heavy rains, and with the busy, heated season ahead, even minor degradation can create huge issues without minimal improvements and maintenance in place. 

Driveways, walkways, parking lots, stairs, and let's not forget your foundation, all play a crucial role in your property's safety and appeal every day. Whether brick, stone, concrete, asphalt, or another material, preventative practices and revitalization are key for successful care.

After seeing too many building managers delay routine inspections and improvements, we know the impact a professional inspection can have on your building's longevity, and long-term spending. 

At Southwest Companies, Inc., we are committed to restoring and maintaining properties in Northeast Ohio to exceptional condition.

Contact Southwest Companies today for a FREE on-site estimate, and we'll make sure your surfaces will always provide a good first impression, and lasting stability you can count on.