Nail Down Those Essential Summer Projects This Season

southwest companies commercial property renovation

While we soak up the last of summer, it's easy to postpone your property's overdue projects.

But the changing seasons brings an escalated need to handle crucial repairs and renovations while we still can. 

Sprucing up your curb appeal is about more than just boosting your aesthetic.

Taking care of warm-weather restorations provides lasting durability that will protect your property through the coming seasons.

Pressure Washing

A quick, easy solution for build-up and debris with expert, powerful, commercial-grade equipment.


Exterior and interior painting for a clean look and stable structure, complete with drywall repairs, primers, staining, weatherproofing, and more.


Protect your structure by tuckpointing and sealing your brick, stone, and block joints for a fresh look and resistance against moisture. 


Guard doors, windows, sidewalk joints, and other points threatened by the elements with a comprehensive caulking application.


Guarantee the longevity of your crucial surfaces with concrete recovery and repair, including installation, rehabilitation, and maintenance. 


Prepare your surfaces with asphalt application, sealcoating, maintenance, and resurfacing management, including drain or sewer work.


Routine inspections, preventative maintenance, and prompt repairs ensure you won't be pushed over budget with surprise roofing degradation.

Whether your property is in need of a rejuvenating paint job, or you're looking into an entire rehabilitation, now is the time to approach your building with renewed appeal, safety, and value. 

With a team dedicated to professional craftsmanship for over thirty years, we are honored to provide flexible solutions and expert results that keep Northeast Ohio safe and beautiful.

Contact Southwest Companies to take advantage of one of our remaining slots this season!


Commercial tuckpointing, caulking, and exterior painting renovations for Weston Commercial Real Estate

Painting and exterior restoration for The Schaefer Printing Building in the historic Hingetown neighborhood near Ohio City