Control Your Reconstructions with Essential Asphalt Maintenance

Between the busyness of summer and the holiday season, your asphalt and other surfaces are working full time to ward off the consequences of changing temperatures.

Asphalt walkways, driveways, and parking lots are bonded by a petroleum glue, making the materials vulnerable to the elements year-round in our beloved Midwest region. Whether it's summer's heat and traffic, winter's freeze-thaw cycle, or the fluctuations of stormy spring and autumn, your crucial surfaces face inevitable degradation from seasonal stress.

If your asphalt has seen too many seasons without routine maintenance, signs of deterioration can mean a mess of trouble is already progressing underneath.

If you've noticed:

  • fading color or oil spots,

  • standing water,

  • cracking or wrinkling,

  • or ruts or potholes,

then your asphalt is already showing signs of wear and tear, and possibly even more significant damage. 

With the inconsistent temperatures we've been experiencing and winter to follow, there's no better time to schedule repairs and preventative maintenance of finicky asphalt:

  • Handle minor repairs before they become major replacements

  • Save money by budgeting for routine care rather than unexpected issues

  • Avoid the hassle of extensive construction with regular checkups 

  • Ensure a safe, stable environment for those on your property

  • Increase the value and curb appeal of your space

  • Gain peace of mind that your crucial surfaces will last through the coming seasons

Whether you are in need of preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, or a full resurfacing, our experienced team at Southwest Companies, Inc. will come out to your site and provide a free estimate so you can get your property back in the shape it deserves. 

Guarantee the affordable longevity of your asphalt by contacting Southwest Companies today!