Inspect and Protect from the Bitter Storms Ahead


The start to the new year is finally behind us, but are you worried you haven't prepared for the temperatures and storms ahead?

Now that we are diving deep into January, it's your last chance to check off any necessary maintenance or repairs before the frigid winter months take over. 

The moisture, weight, and pressure from oncoming conditions can create chaos for your entire property:

  • Whether it's damaged shingles, loose fastening, or clogged drainage, neglected roofing systems threaten your structure's integrity, safety, and interior without routine touch-ups.

  • Lacking sufficient insulation, sealing, and routine maintenance, plumbing exposed to exterior temperatures can house expanding ice that promises inevitable and expensive water damage later.

  • Cracks and gaps forming around windows, doors, wiring, foundations, and other areas susceptible to leaking air or moisture can creep in on your framework without the right weatherproofing in place.

  • Between heavy snows, ice dams, and standing water, the freeze-thaw cycle traps hidden moisture and secretly deteriorates your unchecked building materials, especially for flat commercial roofing systems.

  • HVAC systems, emergency equipment, neglected pavement, and landscape hazards can all pose potential risks without proper improvements, especially during the winter months.

From the vents on your roof to the pipes in your basement, the harsh season ahead can continue to eat away at your materials until upgrades are addressed, or your weakened surfaces finally cave, whichever comes first.

Save on utilities and materials, avoid stressful emergencies, and maintain a safe structure for those on site by keeping the elements outdoors where they belong. 

We are no stranger to winter conditions at Southwest Companies. Contact our experienced team for a certified inspection, and we'll prioritize your needs this season to keep you on track with your budget year-round.