What Is Winter Doing to my Asphalt?

If your asphalt surfaces are already deteriorating, salt and other deicers can amplify the damage caused from the freeze-thaw cycle. Utilize them sparingly, and avoid those with harsh chemicals.

Asphalt surfaces don't stay perfect for long in the Midwest and other troublesome wintry regions.

Where there are freezing drops in temperature, fluctuating conditions, and frequent bouts of sleet or snow, damage is bound to creep up from ever-intruding water and ice.

While we've been dealing with these conditions for the last several weeks, your surfaces have been fighting against inevitable splitting from the freeze-thaw cycle. 

If you've noticed:

  • fading color or oil spots

  • standing water or potholes

  • wrinkling or ruts,

then odds are your asphalt is already engaged in a war beneath the surface.  

The more we experience familiar weather fluctuations, the faster your surface can crack, expand, and let in more moisture. 

With proactive repairs and maintenance practices, you can help impede asphalt degradation.

Have you noticed signs of deterioration? Have you recently had your driveway or parking lot redone? Can you remember your last asphalt inspection? 

  • Seal your surfaces every few years to protect against penetrating water, harsh temperatures, and severe damage from previous restorations

  • Regularly repair holes, cracks, and anywhere plants have slipped through 

  • Remove debris often to allow smooth snow removal, prevent hurried wear and tear, and keep an eye out for arising damage

  • Take care of standing water and accumulating snow to avoid destructive, hazardous ice

At Southwest Companies, Inc., we have the knowledge and expertise that comes from decades of winter seasons in Northeast Ohio. 

Whether you need preventative techniques, emergency repairs, or it's time to resurface,  we've seen what can happen when necessary care is neglected. 

Protect your guests and vehicles, save your curb appeal, and increase the lifespan of your major driveways and walkways by contacting our team for a FREE onsite estimate today!