Drury Plaza Hotel Thriving After Stunningly Historic Restoration

Among the grand hotels rising up in downtown Cleveland, the new Drury Plaza Hotel stands proud after its impressive three-year renovation.

The building resides on East 6th as an original member of Cleveland's Group Plan, which included City Hall, the Mall, and other prominent structures. Designed by architect Walker and Weeks and built in 1931, the building housed the city's school board until a recent period of decline. 

Since its purchase in 2013 by the Drury hotel chain, its transformation has not gone unnoticed by history buffs and lovers of Cleveland alike. The extraordinary two-story lobby not only features substantial arched windows and doors, but two fully restored murals originally painted in 1931. The former school board room and two-story auditorium now boast notable meeting rooms, while the former library has been transformed into a bookshelf-lined executive suite. 

The Drury Plaza Hotel showcases contemporary decor, modern amenities, and even a restaurant named the Teachers lounge, all brilliantly blended with historic details that capture the heart of its guests and the true spirit of Cleveland.