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Tuckpointing is the process of refilling the joints between the brick, block, or stones that make up a structure. Tuckpointing is essential to preserve the quality of brick structures because good quality brick can last between 25 and 100 years.

Tuckpointing becomes necessary when the mortar starts to develop cracks and holes. These cracks and holes can come from a variety of causes including the burrowing of bees, the harsh conditions of inclement weather, and the natural wear and tear that takes place over time. In addition, the entrance of water into the hairline cracks can create problems in wintery conditions because it expands when it freezes and widens the holes.

Tuckpointing is a very important part in the proper maintenance of a building. The more mortar you can place into a joint the better and longer it will last. Grinding and tuckpointing your building gives you many benefits, including making the structure water tight, safe and even improves the look of the building.

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