We specialize in:

  • Caulk Installation and Replacement
  • Bollard Installation and Repair
  • Line striping a removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Expansion Joint Installation and Reapir
  • Rust-Inhibiting Coatings for Steel Upkeep
  • Full Depth Vertical and Horizontal Concrete Patches

Southwest Companies is committed to providing expert care, from preventative maintenance to full detailed restorations. Decades of experience in professional, thorough contracting gives us the opportunity to help revitalize the city of Cleveland to its fullest potential, starting with reliable safety and fantastic first impressions.

Re-caulking building joints costs one-tenth of the price of not repairing a joint, and a full parking lot deck replacement costs three times more than staying on top of spalling concrete.

Taking care of parking garage restorations offers benefits your structure cannot live without:

  • Maintain trustworthy curb appeal and increase the value of your property with regular updates.
  • Remove dirt and sand regularly to aid in winter de-icing, extend the life of your materials, and preserve a clean atmosphere inside and out.
  • Prevent dangerous safety hazards from hidden sinkholes, unclear paths, and aged striping, especially in slippery winter conditions.
  • Repair cracks and holes before they expand in the season, freeing up valuable time with shorter periods of construction.
  • Stay on top of inspections and improvements with a routine budget and ongoing maintenance schedule, saving your finances from surprise renovations.

By the time cracks, holes, and other issues are noticeable on the surface, your materials have already endured the season's freeze-thaw cycle repeatedly, creating a greater need for extensive repairs. Taking care of routine restorations is the only way to stop this damage before it becomes too deep. 

Avoid the stress of major repairs and secure ideal scheduling and pricing by planning ahead with Southwest Companies. We'll provide a free estimate and help to ensure your property is in the best shape of its long life.