We're Hiring an Experienced Roofing Salesperson

Southwest Companies, Inc. is seeking a Roofing Salesperson candidate to manage the increasing roofing business at our established and reputable company.

The candidate should be a highly motivated salesman that will be a good fit for an independent, entrepreneurial work environment. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Project manage and act as field foreman
  • Physically visit job sites to inspect scope of work needed at locations
  • Write up a proposal based on site visit with a detailed breakdown of work as well as pricing.
    • Proposal will be approved by your supervisor and then type up and submit to customer.
    • Follow up with client on all proposals until accepted or declined. 
  • After proposals are accepted; properly set up job via internal personnel or subcontractor
    • Create/organize job folders with front office and assign job #
    • If Subcontractor; achieve a properly filled out subcontract agreement
    • Once jobs begin, maintain contact with internal personnel or assigned sub-contractor on job progress and forward this progress to the client.  (Open Line of Communication)
    • Make visits to job sites as needed.  
    • Handle any issues during work in progress with employee personal/sub and or client to ensure a working solution is achieved. 
  • Visit job sites regularly to ensure progress is being achieved at an acceptable rate.
    • All updates or concerns will be documented and delivered to the client if deemed necessary.
  • Upon job completion, make sure client fills out a job satisfaction form to be added to job folder.
    • Issue any warranty or warranty inspections.
    • Stay involved with Office manager to ensure jobs are being billed on schedule. Create/organize job folders.

Order of Operation

  1. Visit site
  2. Write up scope and give amount estimate
  3. Communicate any questions/concerns with client
  4. Total amount must be approved by management
  5. Type up formal proposal for client
  6. Submit proposal to client
  7. Sale Job and Organize Job Folder: Assigning Job #
  8. Schedule subcontractor to begin work
  9. Prepare subcontractor contract Agreement and receive signature
  10. Daily visits to job site to track progress
  11. Keep client informed of progress and any problems not previously discussed
  12. Sign off on all invoices/receipts
  13. Punch-list/Customer satisfaction sheet
  14. Assure billing schedule is maintained and followed through duration of job
  15. Keep job folders properly organized