Commercial Roofing Solutions: Knowing When to Replace and to Repair

The rainy season has brought to attention many roofing issues with our customers

In fact, Northeast Ohio has had a near record for rainfall in June, 2015 and more inclement weather is in the forecast. With this increaslingly persistent rainfall, you may be forced to consider upgrading your property's roof. There are many factors to keep in mind when considering a replacement for your commercial roof.

First, check your roof to assess any damage, including missing or flawed roofing materials, signs of water damage or moisture, wear and tear of vents, drains, and gutters, etc. Use this guide to help you find the best solution for your roof:


  • This could be your best option if your roof is still in good shape overall. The insulation and materials are stable and have not met their life expectancy, but a repair would increase the life of the roof.


  • If you find damage to the membrane of the roof, but the insulation is still in good shape, then a re-cover is a more cost efficient option than a full replacement. However, you should only re-cover a roof once, so make sure it hasn't already seen a re-cover. This method will protect it from the elements without the extensiveness of a full redo.


  • A full replacement is recommended if the insulation has taken water damage or is suffering from extensive wear and tear. If more than a quarter of the roof is damaged, or if it's time to ensure a long-term solution with the newest materials and technologies, then this is your best option. A replacement will prevent you from spending unnecessary money on short-term maintenance, and will guarantee all issues are taken care of.

*Coating Tip: If you want to extend the life of your roof, consider coating it to help with leaks, reflect light to keep the builder cooler, boost energy savings, and improve the overall look.

Be sure you've assessed all possible damage and other various conditions when deciding if a repair, re-cover, or replacement is the best solution for your commercial roof.